Ohfun Terrazzo (Shanghai) Limited is one of the earliest Chinese supplier of epoxy terrazzo in home and overeseas market. The company was officially established in Pudong District, Shanghai, with a registered capital of 10 million RMB. Since then Ohfun has started and focused on all terrazzo engineering  projects especially in epoxy terrazzo. Up to 2022, the company has served more than 200 clients in the world. The company has gradually moved to the high-end market and applied its products to many well-known enterprises worldwide, and has made great achievements.


At present, Ohfun has nearly 10 years of floor engineering experience, and has a number of national patent rights in the flooring industry. There are four major floor systems: Industrial floor system, Commercial floor system, Municipal floor system, and Sports floor system. Among them, the epoxy terrazzo floor is widely favored by designers with its rich color, texture and unique performance. Now the epoxy terrazzo has become a trend of decorative floors worldwide.


Up to now, Ohfun has Served Nanjing Lukou Airport, Chengdu Tianfu Airport, Nanning Wuxu Airport, Apple Stores in Southeast Asia , Lotte mall in Vietnam, Benz Center,  Suzhou Center, Shanghai Grand Theater, Hangzhou Asian Games Stadium, Shanghai Longhua International Air Service Center, Shanxi Taiyuan Reading Center, Kunshan Culture and Art Center, Hangzhou Green City Jiangnanli, Changsha South Railway Station Passenger Transport Center, Suzhou Children's Hospital, Beijing Children's Hospital, Wuhan Jiangxia Chinese Traditional Hospital, and other urban landmark buildings.


The main products of the company include: epoxy terrazzo series, cement-based terrazzo system, epoxy paints, epoxy self-leveling paint, hardened wear-resistant floor system, self-leveling cement system,  anti-static (conductive) floor system, vibration-free anti-slide lane system, anti-corrosion floor system, sports floor system, and etc.


Our products have been widely used in transport, chemical industry, food industry, medicine industry,  electronics industry, textile industry, and other industrial and commercial industry. We  have established excellent reputation in the floor engineering industry and won good comments from our clients.


Ohfun provides products and engineering services in strict accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 international quality system and environmental system certification standards. The company has a perfect quality assurance system and a complete after-sales service system. The company advocates green technology, takes technological innovation as the driving force, takes casting high-quality products as the pursuit, and takes customer demand as the purpose to continuously improve its competitive capacity and realize the sustainable development for our distinguished clients.

Epoxy Terrazzo Floor
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Fuyang Library​​
Nanning Wuxu Intl. Airport​​​​
Nanjing Lukou Intl. Airport​​​​​​
Chengdu Tianfu Intl. Airport​


Terrazzo floors are one of the best flooring options in the market because they offer elegant, durable and low-maintenace flooring solution for commercial, public and residential places.

In the past, terrazzo was made by mixing small marble rocks with clay and then grinding and polishing the surface until it's smooth, showcasing the decorative design of the marbles. Now, terrazzo flooring is available in seamless systems. Small marble chips, colorful stones, and decorative glass pieces are embedded in concrete bases that are polished and buffed to a high shine.

With its striking details and durable concrete material, terrazzo flooring creates a lasting impression while providing a shining and hard-wearing surface. If you plan to install terrazzo as decorative flooring in your construction project, Ohfun Terrazzo is the supplier and installer you should consider in your specifications.

Our decorative and terrazzo flooring systems are highly flexible, allowing you to pick the color, shape, pattern, and combination of aggregates used. In addition to being attractive, many of our decorative flooring options are extremely durable and can withstand harsh chemicals, moisture, and heavy traffic, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Ohfun terrazzo focus on terrazzo flooring development and its system cover almost any kind of terrazzo floor, such as Seamless Epoxy Terrazzo, Prefabrication Epoxy Terrazzo, Cementitious Polymer Terrazzo, Prefabrication Cement Terrazzo, Soft PU Elastic Terrazzo, and all kinds of epoxy painting, anti-static and anti-corrosion resin floor, Concrete screed+hardener floor and etc.

For the ultimate combination of beauty and durability, choose Ohfun decorative and terrazzo flooring to enhance the value of your new construction project. We develop advanced technology worldwide and serve the clients globally as well. Any terrazzo floor you are seeking please feel free to contract www.ohfunterrazzo.com for a free engineering proposal.

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